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Irene Keating

My name is Irene Keating, a Reiki Master, SKHM Master and Ama Deus Practitioner

My path became clear during one of my Reiki attunements.  I felt the most beautiful vibration of love that was not of this earth. It literally took my breath away. I knew at that moment that this is what I was here to do and that I was on the right path.

Clients have said remarkable things about the impact my work has had on their lives.  Please look at the beautiful testimonials they shared. What lights me up about this work is seeing how their quality of life has improved. They are happier, healthier, less fearful and freer in spirit.

I have faith in what works through me. I do not do the healing.  I connect you to a high vibrating frequency of healing energy that you on a soul level choose to match. It may be different each time. The energy has a beauty and intelligence that is beyond my scope of understanding.  I only work with that which is of love and light.

Early Stages

My introduction into the wonders of working with healing energy first began with learning about diet, herbs and homeopathy. After having profound experiences with homeopathy, I transitioned into the extraordinary world of healing energy. I passionately dove into a vigorous study of three healing modalities within a three year period. At the same time, I began a regular in depth practice of spiritual self study. In a short time, I learned that by tending to my own vibration, I could access new frequencies of healing energy on my own!

Career Start

While initially empowering myself to overcome my feelings of helplessness with a sick child, things evolved to so much more. I found that my family, friends and animals were my initial teachers. Then through word of mouth, people just started showing up. I saw first-timers, as well as seasoned energy workers. I learned that I vibrated to the number 3 and acted as a catalyst for transformation. I witnessed that peoples lives had changed after accessing the frequencies I was connected to, and the information that came through me. I was receiving messages in my dreams to “get out there”, and then finally with the love and encouragement of those who know me, I founded Phoenix Energy Therapy!

I took a vow to always intend that recipient’s receive whatever is for their highest good

My Experience

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