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Energy & Human Interaction

The days of faking it, manipulation, lies and deceit are coming to an end. This holds true in our personal and business lives as well as in politics and religion.  When you interact with people, there is a merging of the energy fields. It doesn’t matter if you are in person or on the phone. It happens when you are just thinking about the other. The vibration of the planet is rising and we are rising with it. This means that we are becoming more sensitive to the vibrations around us.

Scenario: Your boss introduces you to a new client. You say and do all the right things. You do everything right outwardly but you are thinking something else. You are silently making judgments about their appearance, the way they express themselves, their ideas, etc. They walk away not liking you and they don’t know why. This will affect your working relationship and the outcome of your business together, if they choose to stay.

Scenario: You are cheating on your wife and you think you are very good at hiding it. However, she feels the energy of it on some level. Your wife knows something is not right, though, she might choose to lie to herself because of her fears. If you choose to stay with her, the energy of your deceit will affect the quality of your relationship.

Scenario: You are making every effort to be a good parent. Outwardly you are doing and saying all the right things. Inwardly, you are disapproving of their choices and behavior.  You don’t like their boyfriend or spouse.  They can feel your judgment. What you do and say is overridden by an inner knowing on their part. They don’t trust or believe you anymore. Distance is created.

Sensitivity to energy has always existed, but we have become more attuned to it as our frequencies rise. If you don’t have integrity, people will know, it will be felt. Businesses that operate with integrity will be the ones that survive this new age. The same goes with personal relationships. You don’t have to know what is wrong to know that something is wrong. People act all the time on things they don’t quite understand. In fact, some of the most successful people are those who have learned to trust their instincts.

You will be able to fool some people some of the time, but not all people all of the time. It is a game of Russian roulette. If you choose to keep playing games, you will eventually lose. How, remains to be seen.

What Can You Do ?

Stop the judgment. When you are judging others, you are actually judging yourself. If you do your inner work, you will find that the judgment miraculously stops.

Do your inner work. This involves paying attention to what triggers you mentally and emotionally. You take responsibility for your triggers by choosing how you react. Once you transmute the emotional charges, you are free of the trigger and are no longer affected.

Be ok with what is. This is where true peace comes from. No matter what happens, accept it. Deal with it and move on. In addition, setting up appropriate boundaries around yourself and your business, making changes and setting rules may be required.

Trust your gut. Some of the greatest influencers are those who have mastered the balance between head and heart. Recognizing your intuition and acting on it may save you a lot of grief. If something feels wrong, you will usually feel it in your gut. If it feels right, you may feel an expansion in your heart or may feel goose bumps.

See the God in all who are in your realm of experience. We are all cut from the same cloth. You don’t have to like everyone. You just have to respect their right to be here just like you.

Be honest with yourself and others. The energy you put out is what you will attract to you. When you live with integrity, you will attract it and you will cull those lacking in it out of your life. You will see things clearer.

Lies, manipulation and deceit are practices that will serve to hurt you and your business. Technology and social media make it difficult to hide injustices. What is around you is a reflection of you. Be what you want in the world. Receive what you are willing to give.

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