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Frequently Asked Questions

Energy Healing comprises many different modalities.  What I do in person is a “laying on of hands” technique where I allow what is for your highest good to come through unless you ask a specific modality.

It differs with each client depending on the circumstances, however some clients are able to realize benefits after just one treatment. The benefits are cumulative, therefore best results are seen with repeat sessions.

In person sessions generally take 1 1/2 to 2 hours.   Remote sessions are the same amount of time, but are delivered when the person is sleeping.

We begin with 3 sessions, one week apart, followed by a consultation to evaluate progress. From there the frequency of future sessions can be determined.

It is helpful to refrain from alcohol, recreational drugs and excessive caffeine within 24 hours of your session. If your session is “in person”, it is requested that you not wear any perfume or cologne.

Irene Keating of Phoenix Energy Therapy, LLC is not a licensed medical practitioner, therefore can not make claims to cure any disease. In addition, Energy Therapy should not be deemed a substitute for traditional medicine.

Energy Healing does not interfere with traditional medicine, and is a safe compliment to Western Medicine.

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