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Meeting The Phoenix

For many years, I was taking care of my family and learning all I could about holistic healing, healing energy, teaching, and self-mastery. My friends and family referred people to me for energy work, since they themselves had experienced benefits.

A few years later after life had thrown a few curve balls, things changed.  My son was older, my marriage dissolved, and I started having dreams and intuitive guidance to get myself “out there” on a more professional basis. I wanted to find a way for people to connect with me and find me, if they were ready. I struggled with what to call my business, since I didn’t want to call it by my name. The primary reason I decided not to use my name was because I serve as conduit for high frequencies of healing. The actual healing is allowed by the recipient.

One day in Autumn, while on a long walk, I looked at the sunset and clearly saw a beautiful phoenix shape in the clouds that seemed to take up the whole sky. The clouds had formed a very distinct phoenix image with its wings outstretched. I knew exactly what it was, and at that moment I felt very moved thinking that this was a symbolic omen of my journey, and that perhaps I had reached a pivotal point in my growth.

For months I continued to labor over what name to use for my business. One day while speaking on the telephone with a close friend of mine, I shared that I had yet to find a name for my business.  She blurted out, “Phoenix.” This naturally got my attention because of my previous experience while taking my daily walk.  It was at that moment it became clear to me that “Phoenix” was the  name for my business.

I still had one more significant experience. While driving along a four lane busy road with a grassy median in between, I noticed a large bird running across the grass. I couldn’t believe I was seeing a peacock running straight for my car. It ran towards my left front tire. I braked and barely missed it. Somehow, the bird made it across the road unscathed. A man was in hot pursuit trying to save it, apparently.

As soon as I got home, I dove into my “Animal Speaks” book to look up the significance of this encounter. There was so much information there for me, but what I want to share with you today is this: “Of all birds, the peacock most resembles the traditional descriptions of the phoenix.” There it was again. If I had any doubts before then, they were now gone.

The energy that works through me is representative of the phoenix symbolically, in frequency, and vibration. From Animal Speaks: “The phoenix is the legendary bird of resurrection that is sacrificed in the fires of life and then rises from the flames out of its own ashes.” It symbolizes a process of renewal and rebirth, leaving the suffering in ashes.

If you are seeking transformation yourself, feel free to contact me at 810-701-7023

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