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I have taken my mother (Marion) to see Irene for over ten years. She never wanted to miss a session. After each session Marion would be refreshed physically, emotionally and spiritually. Over the years Marion and Irene developed a kindred bond and during the final days of my mom’s life we were blessed with Irene’s presence to help Marion to a peaceful transition. I believe Irene has been blessed with the spiritual insight to provide energy healing both physically and emotional. I can go on for hours about Irene’s gifts. I thank God often for the relationship we have and for the talents she has to offer.

Irene has been a life saver…  in the true sense of the word!  When I first started working with her (quite a few years ago now…), I was truly desperate:  in a medical and emotional sense.  I had some potentially major health issues that were not only physically, but also emotionally dragging me down.  I sought Irene’s help with some level of doubt about the effectiveness of energy treatments…  Boy, was I in for a surprise!

Not only did her treatments work miracles in person, but one of my major healings happened during a long distance treatment!  Irene’s continued treatments have healed some of my health issues, kept me generally healthy, helped me get through some really rough spots in my life and also saved me from falling into the prescription drug trap.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  She and her treatments have impacted my life in such a positive way!!!  Thank you, Irene!


Congratulations Irene!

I am so happy you are putting yourself out there for others to be able to find and use your amazing talents. There are several times you have helped to clarify things in my life both long distance and hands on.  Your honest and heartfelt information after the loss of our two dogs in a house fire was healing. Physically, after years of trying several different modalities and products to release some abdominal adhesions that were causing digestive issues, you (and your volcanic rock) made a profound difference in 3 sessions!

I always feel energized after working with you.

Thank you friend

Irene is a compassionate healer who has helped me through many changes over the years. Irene’s perspective on matters enlightens. The resultant effects the energy treatments are profound. Irene has performed in person, as well as long-distance, treatments for myself and my family, and has been there for us in times of need.

Irene is one of the most talented and gifted healing therapist that I know. She has worked on me in person and through long distance. I can instantly feel a difference right away with how I am feeling. I would recommend her without a question or doubt – be open to her treatments because they are true gifts that can help anyone with healing!

I have had the honor of working with Irene in both hands on and remote situations dealing with my own internal emotions, fears, and external physical pain. Irene is an amazing healer and listener. With confidence I can say she will help with whatever situation you are going through. My husband, two children and all my pets have benefited from Irene’s work. You can feel the difference she makes in your life with energy therapy and I have seen my children respond favorably. Irene has proven to be incredible in helping our pets heal, or reach the light during their earthly departure, and aiding with our grieving. I have become a better, more centered person through her work. You too, will find Irene’s energy therapy to be remarkable!

I personally have experienced the healing energy which Irene is so exceptional at providing.  For more than 15 years Irene has helped me physically, psychologically and emotionally using her energy healing techniques.  From any distance she is able to feel my energies and help emotionally stabilize me, improve my clarity of thought, and speed up my recovery from an illness or injury.  I have had many hands-on and distant treatments that have helped me through a variety of health issues. About 14 years ago Irene detected that something was not right over the right side of my stomach area just under the rib cage. The doctors discovered I had a tumor on my right kidney that had to be removed.  Fortunately for me the tumor they removed was not cancerous and I also got to keep my kidney!  On numerous occasions she has healed me when I was sick with a cold or helped speed my recovery from the flu. I always feel better after a treatment.  Irene has an amazing talent and skill that she has honed over the years.  I highly recommend her to anyone who may need help in feeling better.

I have had personal experience with Irene and her gift for about 18 years now, since my daughter Danielle was born. I can give countless testimonials as to her gifts and the wonderful results we, as a family have had both together and individually. For example, most recently, I woke up one morning suffering from an earache and horrendous throat pain on one side. only. This went on for a couple of days. I finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with parotiditis (a blockage and infection of the parotid gland). I was prescribed strong pain medication and antibiotics. Well, I am a healthcare professional, and I see on a daily basis the negative effects the overuse of antibiotics can cause, and I just don’t tolerate narcotics very well, anyway.

So I called Irene, explained to her what was going on. She sent me healing energy that night. The next day, I woke up and went about my business as usual. After a while, it occurred to me that the excruciating pain I had been having was almost completely gone! By the morning after that, all my symptoms were gone. I never used the antibiotics or pain meds. This is just one example of many over the last 18 years of health and emotional concerns that Irene has helped me or my family with. By the way, I haven’t had a cold or flu symptoms for more than 12 hours for the last 5 years! It’s been 3 years for my husband and children. We eat clean, exercise, and believe in the power of energy therapy. I truly believe that opening myself and family to the healing powers of energy therapy has changed our lives.

I have been receiving services from Ms. Keating (hands-on and remote) for over two years.  She has helped me tremendously.  I feel that now, I am better able to resolve any life issues much more readily.  She has taught me that inner peace and a healthier self is possible.  Harmony and balance is restored through love, a positive attitude and through taking a spiritual perspective in regard to thoughts, emotions and the physical body.  I always look forward to our sessions.

I have had  the wonderful pleasure of embracing Irene’s amazing life changing treatments! Irene was referred to me at a time that was very difficult for me on all levels in my life. She taught me that how I to speak to myself changes the energy around me to bring in the good positive abundant flow vibration. I heard it is scientifically proven but did not know how to tap into that and now I can and it truly works!! It is a way to participate to allow the flow of positive energy that changed my finances, health and relationships. I have received both distant and hands on treatment (when I come to Michigan). I feel much better and more balanced afterwards.

I continue to speak with Irene for “adjustments” to keep me in alignment with all the good stuff.  I love the transformation in my life!

Irene Keating’s energy work is phenomenal. When I first came to see her I was struggling with emotional baggage. She helped to release it and then some. Since seeing Irene it has been much easier to control my thoughts and maintain a positive emotional state. She is a gem and I highly recommend her work.

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