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Bless This Mess

Bless This Mess

Sometimes we just need to bless this mess because life is messy. It just is! The messiest messes are seldom seen coming. Pain, anger, sadness, frustration and many more emotions are evoked. I, myself, have shaken my fist at the heavens on more then one occasion. I know the feeling.

Perhaps you might be seeing a bigger mess then is really there. Maybe there is no mess at all, yet your perception clouds the truth. Some people literally like the mess and choose to wallow in it. There are hidden lessons in the mess. Things are not as they appear to be.

You can release hate, anger, betrayal, shame, guilt or any other useless emotion that your mind wrote a nice story about to support those feelings. Your triggers encourage you to face your fears. You may not understand the lesson for months or years afterwards, if ever, and that’s ok.

Blessed is the one who can bless the mess and move through it with grace and ease.

Change your idea, perception or point of view on what is before you. Ponder how you may have participated in contributing to the mess. Fear expands the mess by feeding it. Love is an expression free of judgment and fear, and promotes the best possible outcome.

Mess is the resolver of stagnation. Shocking the system influences change and movement, which stimulates growth. You don’t have to like the chaos, but you can still love it by understanding its purpose. Hate the mayhem and it will follow you everywhere like a shadow. Love the disarray by becoming the observer of the mess rather than identifying with it. Do your best to navigate through it, move on and don’t look back.

Imagine stepping stones going across a stream of water, where the water is the turmoil and the stones symbolize progress and advancement. Don’t worry about where the stones take you, just trust and keep moving. If you fall in the water, another stone will appear downstream. Just hoist yourself up and keep going. If you get fearful and go back the way you came, you will be repeating the same lessons again. The lessons will look differently each time in order to fool you.

Jumping forward from stone to stone gets easier as you learn to navigate the tumultuous water. In time, the stones become larger, flatter and closer together. There will be longer periods of calmer waters. There will always be a certain amount of turmoil in life but accepting it is paramount to survival.

May we all joyously skip effortlessly over the rocks, helping those having difficulty behind us, on our way, perhaps, to an island somewhere, which is truthfully in our minds and has been there all along.

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